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How to buy Bitcoin in IRA

Welcome to Investment Into Gold’s Bitcoin IRA page, here it’s all about how to buy Bitcoin in IRA, and where to buy Bitcoin. We supply all the info you need about the “New Gold Coin” (Bitcoin), and why is worth investing in.

Bitcoin IRA provider

We will also supply you with the Top-Rated Bitcoin IRA provider with the experience, and feedback to deal with these type of investments. Their process ensures maximum safety for your BTC investment.

Why are most smart investors including Bitcoin in their retirement portfolios in the year 2017?

  • Just like physical gold, Bitcoin’s actual value does not correlate with the U.S dollar and it tends to move opposite to the stock or bond markets.
  • Bitcoin has been approved by the IRS as a form of currency.
  • Completely decentralized and completely free from the government policies and central bank manipulation.
  • In comparison to physical gold, Bitcoin could be massively undervalued at the present moment.
  • Even people and companies are using Bitcoin, than before.

  • The supply of Bitcoin is limited. There are only 21 million bitcoins that can ever be mined.

There is only 1 company we would recommend at this time and it is a well trusted Bitcoin IRA provider in the USA. Keep reading to find out more.
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Buy Bitcoin

Regal Assets understand that there are several options out there when it comes to making an investment into Bitcoin, but they all come with serious security risks that could obliterate your investment.Regal Assets company believe that they have developed a virtually flawless process to hold Bitcoin for the long term which will involve cold storage

RegalWallet (Offline Wallet + Cold Storage) Online Wallet Physical Wallet or Physical Coin Local Wallet
Hacker-proof  Yes  No  Yes  No
Requires password to view the key  Yes  Yes  No  Yes
Protected from physical or natural disaster  Yes  Yes  No  No
Fully Insured in case of theft or disaster  Yes  No  No  No
Protected in case of physical theft  Yes  Yes  No  No
Protected from computer crashes, spyware, malware or viruses  Yes  No  Yes  No

Bitcoin IRA guide

Read the Bitcoin IRA guide below to get a good insight on this great investment. Once you have acquired enough bitcoins, losing them would be so painful, you should move them to an offline wallet – a method which is commonly referred to as cold storage. Don’t worry you can find all the info you need to deal with this type of investment right here on our website. Regal Assets are also offering a free Bitcoin IRA guide, we will come to that near the end of this page.

Bitcoin 401k

A Bitcoin IRA works just like other types of traditional IRA. You can invest in a traditional IRA (with pre-taxed assets) or a Roth individual retirement account (with after-taxed assets) if you are under the age of 70 ½. Please remember, you can’t take any distributions in either type of the individual retirement accounts – a traditional or a Roth  – without a leave early penalty unless you are at least the age of 59 ½. Generally speaking, employees who made investments into their employer’s 401K are subject to the same penalty if they take any distributions before they are the age of 59 ½. Having a Bitcoin 401k transfer will give you a safer investment than paper bonds or stocks.

Bitcoin IRA investment

Whether you have a 401K (through your employer) or an individual retirement account (IRA), it would have to be explicitly self-directed for you to earmark it for a bitcoin IRA investment. This is also true with precious metals or other collectible investments. In other words, as a plan participant, you will get to choose the investing vehicle you want. Although this provision is changing soon in many 401K plans, most plans still specify a choice of only particular types of investments – usually stock funds or stocks. Bitcoin IRA investment is not as hard as it looks or sounds, using the best Bitcoin dealer makes the process so much simpler.

Bitcoin self directed IRA

Nobody has a crystal ball that can predict the future value of any investment type. At this time, Bitcoin is speculative. But given the rapidly increasing acceptance of bitcoin across the world, Bitcoin’s  value can rise rapidly. Since its inception, we have already seen solid evidence of this. Under the circumstances, a 401k or your Bitcoin self directed IRA investment could turn out extremely profitable over a period of time – especially after you factor in your tax savings.

How Bitcoin IRAs works

Here’s how Bitcoin IRAs works. As with your IRAs or 401Ks in precious metals or collectibles, a bitcoin IRA is handled through a special custodian. Since bitcoin individual retirement accounts and 401Ks are a recent development in our financial community, only certain special custodians will handle them. Regal assets being one of them. Find out exactly how bitcoin IRA works.

Bitcoin IRA Dealer

We will only supply our site visitors with the most trusted, best and top-rated Bitcoin IRA dealer in the industry through customer reviews and feedback. Take advantage of this free offer today and request your “Free Bitcoin IRA Guide & learn more” right now, for a better future.

Bitcoins IRA company USA

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