The Real Asset Co Review

The Real Asset company review

Here we have The Real Asset Co review, this precious metal company supplies to the whole world including Germany, USA and United Kingdom. People and customers from 15 different countries and 4 continents use this gold company for their bullion investment needs. Check out The Real Asset company reviews right here, their platform enables you to buy professional market bullion that is your legal property, outside of the banking system and all at the best possible prices. Using technology to provide you with greater access to the professional bullion markets, The Real Asset’s service brings you a range of key benefits when buying gold.

The Real Asset company reviews

The Real Asset Co is able to help you protect and secure your wealth. They are offering a free silver ounce, once you first sign up for a newly registered account with them with easy step by step instructions upon setup. You can also see The Real Asset company reviews from Trustpilot.

The Real Asset company ratings

Check out The Real Assets company ratings. With this precious metals company being mentioned in the Media such as Forbes, BBC, The Telegraph, RT (Russia Today) and The Mail On Sunday, on their outstanding performance and customer satisfaction, this makes the bullion company one to be with when choosing your gold bullion or silver investment requirements.

Gold bullion company

This quality gold bullion company, The Real Asset company is listed on Trustpilot with over 58+ customer reviews.

Gold bullion companies

See these Gold bullion companies competitive fees below.

Fees when using your Real Asset Co account

Physical asset The transaction fees The storage fees
Physical rare gold 0.75%* 0.12% / year, or minimum of £5.00, $7.00, or €6.00 / per month.
Physical rare silver 0.75%* 0.48% / year, or minimum of £7.00, $10.00, or €9.00 / per month.
Physical rare platinum 1.75% 0.5% / year, or minimum of £5.00, $7.00, or €6.00 / per month.
Physical rare palladium 1.75% 0.6% / year, or minimum of £7.00, $10.00, or €9.00 / per month.
Goldbloc 1.25% No storage fee for 2017
  • The storage fees are collected by location. For example – let’s say you actually hold physical gold in two different locations, then 2 separate storage fees will be incurred.
  • For accounts with precious metals holdings over 10,000 pounds per location then a monthly minimum fee of 10 pounds for gold and 14 pounds for silver, or currency equivalent will apply.
  • The storage fees will not be applied to any promotional commodity balances that The Real Asset Co may offer you as a welcome gift. You will need to fund your account and buy some commodities with your own monies before any storage fees will be incurred.
  • * Transaction fees are currently 1% for Bullion Savings Plans.

Fee details for registering rare physical gold bars and receiving your refinery certificates:

Rare bullion The registration fees
Physical gold bars 2.5% for 100g, 2.0% for 250g, 1.5% for 500g and 1% for 1kg pure bars

Beyond The Real Asset Co fees to buy and store rare bullion they charge four fees that are less frequently incurred, see table below for details:

The fee types The fee details
Cash withdrawal €27.00, $30.00, £20.00 per withdrawal off the platform
Change of registered bank account €35.00, $40.00, £25.00 per account change
Return of unreferenced/unknown deposits €35.00, $40.00, £25.00 per return transaction
Delivery transaction into a client’s own vault / or a personal custody €35.00, $40.00, £25.00 admin fee per precious metal bar & carrier’s costs. Each Client will need to own 100gram bars or 1kg bar of physical gold, or 1,000 ounces (approx 30 kg) of physical silver
Best place to buy gold in

Check out the best place to buy gold in. Physical gold can be bought from many countries. They deal worldwide, such as Germany, United Kingdom, United States, India, Canada, China and the Netherlands, and even more, countries are included in which can purchase rare precious metals like gold, silver, and other quality physical precious metals from The Real Assets Company based in the UK.

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We only supply the best gold bullion dealers and have gold bullion dealer reviews. Check out below all the pros about this gold bullion company.

The positives when buying from The Real Asset Co gold company

  1. Buy rare gold bullion bars of the same purity traded in the wholesale markets, to ensure the most recognized and respected gold investments.
  2. Don’t forget about The Real Asset Co new gold-backed cryptocurrency, and Goldbloc.
  3. Also, Each Goldbloc is represented by one gram of physical gold in our secure trusted vaults, and it is represented on the blockchain, for complete peace of mind. Some people might call this the new rare gold standard.
  4. When you are buying rare physical gold on The Real Asset Co platform it is instantly allocated into your name, which will give you much more security and complete control with your physical gold investing.
  5. You can store your rare bullion in a range of well-trusted safe-havens which will allow you easy access to international diversification.
  6. You can buy and sell in The Real Asset Coefficient gold investing market to ensure spreads and commissions don’t eat away into your physical gold savings.
  7. You can buy physical gold online in a global range of complete secure trusted vault locations and avoid banks and the risk in our financial system.
  8. The benefit from Real Asset Company’s flexible range of rare physical gold delivery options and enjoy much more of a choice when you buy rare gold bars.
  9. You can buy physical gold bullion on your own terms, 24/7, in The Real Asset Co easy to use live physical gold market. You can buy physical gold as it suits you, whatever the price of physical gold.
  10. Use The Real Asset Co industry leading Comment & Analysis section to grow your knowledge of physical rare gold investing and keep up with all the latest in market news and the trends in physical gold prices.
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Gold bullion company ratings

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