Convert IRA to Gold

The different types of gold that investors can purchase

Gold bars, ingots and coins are well sought after because their market value is mostly based on their metal content. Unlike paper contracts and most world currencies, having a gold bar or coin gives a person the confidence that the value of his wealth is sheltered from adverse economic conditions such as high inflation, unemployment, currency fixing and stock market collapses. Converting some percentage of your wealth into gold coins and bars will protect you from the risk of losing money while still offering a highly liquid way to convert it into cash when the need arises.

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Buying Gold bars versus Buying Gold Coins

Many new investors think that the only difference between the gold coins and gold bars is the shape. On the contrary, there are many small differences, each with their own pros and cons. The coins are for example considered legal tender. They are only produced by a government’s mint. Coins however carry a greater premium because they are often treated as collectibles due to their intricate design and the year they were minted. Coins are highly recommended over bars when someone wants to benefit from the collectability, way more than he is interested in the spot price.

Gold bars are popular because they are readily available in a larger variety of weights than coins are. Private investors can purchase bullion bars of 1/10oz sizes. Having a great variety of weights will ensure that people consider their budget and then buy a suitable coin, with the 1/10oz being more pocket friendly than the larger sized bars. It is generally easier to sell smaller denominations of gold to private investors in the market. The smaller denominations are available at $200 or less making them convenient to sell at short notice.

Convert IRA to Gold
Why Investing In Gold Is a Good Idea.


The 1 Gram Gold Bars- Gold IRA

The 1 gram gold bullion bar contains 0.0032150z of .gold.  Each 1gm bar is usually presented in its own flip case so that it can be easily displayed, stored or tracked during transportation. They are considered to have a higher quality of Gold if contrasted to the bars that weigh a full ounce. A good advantage of the 1 gram bars is that people can stack the bars from various mints making their storage easy. The 1gm bar is recommended for new investors who want to add gold to their financial portfolio over smaller but frequent purchases, without losing money due to premiums.

American Eagle Gold Coins IRA

The gold American eagle coin is a must-have for coin collectors. These coins were first introduced off the US mint in 1986 and remain in production as of 2016. The gold American eagle coins have different weights and the coins become rare depending on the year they were minted. They are sought after by investors, collectors and short term speculators who want to make quick gains on the premiums above the market price at any given time. The American gold eagle has a quickly identifiable design and this boosts its demand around the world. They have an image of Lady Liberty and the USA Capitol as the backdrop.

The Gold Swiss 20 Franc Gold IRA Account

These are very limited coins that were minted in Bern, Switzerland. They were minted mainly between 1897 and 1935. The coins all contain 0.1867 an ounce of gold content. The designs and the rarity makes them very valuable to investors, as they usually sell for much more than the spot gold price of their gold content. They make great investment sense because unlike some assets, it is hard to find the Gold Swiss 20 Franc coins being sold at exactly or below the spot price. The Gold Swiss 20 Franc coins remain very liquid and can maintain their value because they are rare. They are not in production.

Liberty Head Physical Gold IRA

The Liberty head coins are also among the most popular coins available in the gold coins market. There are different versions of this coin but the Type 1 coins were only minted between 1849 and 1854. They are classified as extra fine grade and contain exactly 0.48375 oz of gold content. That explains a lot about why they are valuable and rare. Their collectible value greatly depends on the year they were minted with the 1849 versions being the hardest to come across.

These are just some of the many gold coins and bars that are available for any investor who wants to make the wise decision to diversify their portfolio beyond just cash, bank deposits and property. You can simply Convert IRA to Gold and Silver Find the top rated Gold IRA company for your Gold IRA Accounts.

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Gold IRA | Gold IRA Rollover | Gold IRA Account | Convert IRA to Gold | Gold-Backed IRA | Physical Gold IRA | Precious Metal IRA | Gold Coins IRA

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