Retirement Plan Before Dollar Crash

Why you should really be planning on transferring your existing individual retirement account (IRA) with Precious Metals IRA Account investments instead of paper investments.

In March year 2013 just over three years ago now. Citizens across the whole of Cyprus went to sleep that night truly believing all would be ok. To everyone’s surprise they woke the next day to see a completely different reality.

People in Cyprus woke up to find out that their banking system was completely bankrupt, totally broke. On that morning after the Cyprus residents already suffering huge losses, their banks no longer had any liquidity or capital. This meant the banks could no longer maintain their customer’s account balance.

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The Cyprus residents soon realized just because they could log in on to their online banking on their bank’s website, and see a visible account balance on the computer screen, does not mean that the actual money is really there. Making matters much worse for the bank depositors, the Cyprus government was unable to pay any money, and was not able to help support the banks. The Cyprus deposit guarantee from central bank was not even worth the paper it was printed on.


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In order on saving the banking system in cyprus, politicians turned to the unthinkable. They actually freezed everyone’s bank accounts across the whole country. This happened overnight in Cyprus. This is what happens when a poorly structured financial banking system meets up with an insolvent government. To be completely honest we should only expect much more of this trend. Because 3 years on, and much of the west has started looking like Cyprus did back in 2013.

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The western financial banking systems are very illiquid. Many of the world’s banks are very thinly capitalized with minimal stockpiles, so to speak. Deposit insurance funds are alarmingly undercapitalized, the lack of financial capacity to give any guarantee to the system.

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All the governments that stand behind all this, are themselves insolvent. Please do bear in mind that all of these assertions are completely backed up by public available data. It is not some type of wild conspiracy theory for us to suggest that the world’s governments of Japan, USA, and most of the west in Europe are completely bankrupt.

Unfortunately these happen to be true facts, and each government around the world will, and does publish its own statements attesting against it’s own insolvency. The FDIC published this in their own annual report.

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You would not need to be a radical when reviewing your financial bank statements to find, for example, the US bank maintains its cash reserves amounting to 3.5% of their customer deposits. And that Unicredit Bank for Italy holds its cash reserves at only 1.7% of its own customers deposits. These figures are not even remotely conservative. The numbers are all available from the bank’s most recent reports.

When we stand back, and put all the factual information together, it is absolutely clear our governments are totally broke, and your deposit insurance fund is undercapitalized. As we also mentioned above in this post, your bank is extremely illiquid. Looking at all these facts it only seems obvious that we should not be holding 100% of your retirement savings in the banking system, due to today’s unstable climate.

There is one perfect solution to reduce this risk, and that is to open an IRA account or transfer an existing account IRA into gold investment. Physical gold in one’s portfolio will protect its investor from inflation, and if your IRA account is rolled over within 60 days, then it will be tax free. It is the perfect hedge. The goal at Regal Assets Company is complete customer satisfaction, perfect for all of USA residents before the collapse of the US dollar.

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