Invest In Precious Metals IRA

Invest in Physical Gold Coins IRA For Your Retirement Portfolio Before Next The Financial Crisis

The question is are you prepared for the next financial crisis when it happens, from a position of strength?

When an economic meltdown comes into force will you be ready to take advantage, by having precious metals in your IRA account portfolio?

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Back in 2008 the world was gripped by a very unusual financial crisis, all the data could be seen when the banking and the housing boom happened back in early year 2000, as it was built on a house of cards. If one was to do the maths now, you will see that the financial system is in a desperate state. Again the data is all there to be seen, just like it was back in 2008 as the evidence was there for anyone who actually cared to take a look at it.

Physical Gold Coins IRA

If we look back at 2008, US government debt was at least “only” 9.5 trillion dollars. And the federal reserve’s balance sheet was at $850 billion. US interest rate was over 4%. So when you look at it least they had some capacity to be able to slash the interest rates, and be able to fight the 2008 financial crisis using traditional policy tools.

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Today government in the US have an astonishing debt that exceeds 19 trillion dollars, that is well in excess of 100% of GDP. The US government now have to borrow money just so they can pay off the interest. Also they have entire pension funds which are on the verge of bankruptcy.


Physical Gold Coins IRA

How Long Till The Next Crisis, Will You Take A Chance Without A Precious Metals IRA Hedge?

The US federal reserve’s balance sheet has boomed to a wooping $4.5 trillion, the interest rates are hardly above zero. The US government really has no means at all to bail anyone out as and when it will be needed, and that is including itself. The federal reserve has no capacity to print anymore money to expand it’s already massive balance sheet without literally causing a major financial crisis. This time though it will be so much bigger of a crisis than it was in the year 2008 financial crisis. The funny thing is the financial establishment has not got any ammunition to fight against it.

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My plea to any American is to act now before it is to late, don’t get left behind, and suffer the serious effects of the next financial crisis due to the US government. Invest part of your portfolio into gold using your individual retirement account (IRA), and turn it into gold IRA or simply rollover 401k.

Physical Gold Coins IRA
Convert Your Existing IRA to a Gold IRA, Rollover 401k.

Now in 2016 US government, and worldwide governments, instead of loaning money to hard working home buyers, the world’s financial system is now lending money to bankrupt governments. They have managed to go beyond “no-money-down”, the financial system are now paying world governments to borrow money at a negative interest rate.

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Physical Gold Coins IRA

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