Gold Investing Protects Investors From Inflation

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Rare Gold IRA – A Rock Solid Hedge against Inflation

There is a famous proverb, “Slow and steady wins the race”. It is 100% true in the case of gold. Gold is a true winner as a hedge against inflation. Gold is the protector of true value, true purchasing power of your currency. In the short run, Hare may become the winner in the race of “The Hare and the Tortoise” story i.e. investments in stocks, crude oil or other commodities but gold is the ultimate winner in the long run like the Tortoise in the story.

Some persons may not agree. They might put forth the argument that the market prices of the gold are quite volatile and fluctuate every hour. They might put forward the argument that the price of gold in 2011 rose to as high as $ 1920 per ounce whereas now it is hovering around just $ 1231.70 per ounce. Thus it might be argued that it has itself depreciated in value and how it will protect the true value of money? Are the prices of other commodities or the stocks and shares not volatile? Just compare it with the price of black gold (Crude Oil) in 2008 of $136.31/barrel and the present price of $ 36.31/barrel. It is true that the gold has lost its shine in terms of value of USD during the last five years. But during the last two months it has risen from the low of USD 1061 per ounce. So, it is a matter of horizon of time.

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Gold Will Always Be Valuable

Prices of gold are expected to rise even in the short run. It has been observed that the prices of gold in terms of $ rise with a comparative rise in the crude oil prices. Crude oil prices had been falling for quite some time due to which the oil producing countries were hit hard but now on the contrary oil prices have started rising since their lows of $ 30 per barrel and thus rising trend of gold would not lag behind.

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Gold Investment Better Hedge

Gold has protected the true value of the hard-earned money throughout history. Investment in other commodities or stocks may be for speculative profits but when one puts money in gold – he/she makes solid investment as a better hedge against inflation. It is as good as a rock-solid investment. Gold is said to be the “GOLD – Ladies’ GOD”. There has been an insatiable desire for gold investing by almost half of the population of the world – the fairer sex – more especially in China and India. 90% of the demand of gold is for jewellery or in the form of coins or biscuits, etc but only 10% is the demand for industrial use.

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Gold Stands The Test Of Time

Gold is not only a hedge against the inflation but also as true protector in your adverse times. It works like an earthquake resistant. Just remember the Great Depression of 1929 which had begun from the US and spread almost all over the world. History is there to state how the Intelligent President Mr. Roosevelt used his wisdom and devalued US$ so as to set its price against the gold at $ 35 per ounce. Prior to that gold was hovering around $ 21 per ounce – depreciation of nearly 67%. But his worthy decision was helpful in successfully fighting the great depression besides some other decisions. Just compare it with the property prices that had fallen almost 50% during that period and stocks listed in the US Dow Jones Index at that time fell by almost 90%. Gold was the true hedge at that time. Thus, it was proven that Gold is not only a hedge against inflation but also a hedge against deflation. Just calculate the price of $ 35 per ounce of gold against present price of $ 1231.70 of one ounce of gold. Gold has risen by 3423 % in 87 years – a return of 40% per annum at simple rate. It has passed the test of time not only in the US but also all over the world as a true hedge against inflation, retaining its intrinsic value throughout history. Gold has beaten inflation in the long run.

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Gold has protected its true value over the centuries. Prices of gold during the First World War and during the Second World War proved to be the true hedge against the rising inflation. When we are presently living under the clouds of Third World War, what could be the better hedge than gold? It would not be untrue to say that if other investments are the kings, then Gold is certainly the Emperor.

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Gold is considered as the most liquid currency. It is also considered the best monetary reserve by almost all the central banks of various countries. It is treated as a safe haven against the shocks of foreign exchange reserves which are more volatile than gold. Many banks have gone bankrupt across the globe over the years, many reputed companies have become bankrupt but this is not the case with gold. Holder of adequate quantity of gold – may be an individual or may be a nation – can never go bankrupt.

What would be better words than to quote LORD BYRON, “O Gold? I still prefer thee unto paper, which makes bank credit like a bark of vapor.”

Gold Is An Attractive Investment

To conclude it can be said that Gold was the winner in the past, is the winner in the present and it will emerge as the winner as a better hedge against inflation than anything else. Therefore it is not only an attractive investment but a vital tool to safeguard the investor and his family’s future. Holding a substantial portion of your portfolio in Gold IRA is the only way to ensure that you can weather an external macro shock. Every successful investor has huge direct or indirect investment in Gold. It is not because he wants to attain massive returns with gold, but he just doesn’t feel safe without having gold in his portfolio.

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