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Gold Individual Retirement Accounts and ira 401k Rollover

Gold IRA Accounts (Individual Retirement Account) can reduce volatility of your retirement investment portfolio, you would need to Convert IRA to Gold. The precious metal Gold has made an historic move to counter to the direction of bonds, stocks, mutual funds and all other paper investments. Regardless of traditional investment preferences, gold that is perceptible by touch can help make the ultimate safety and profitability of your gold retirement portfolio far more attainable. If you was to include gold within an existing retirement account (IRA) it may improve your investment performance either by increasing your returns without increasing any risk, or by reducing the risk without adversely affecting your returns. From all the market traders of ancient past to today’s most shrewdness and practical knowledge of investors, having gold in one’s possession has stood the test of time. Gold investment is done for many reasons, including to offset fluctuating commodities prices, to hedge volatile stock markets and as a completely safe haven against falling house / home prices. To capitalize on constant growth in value, gold has always proven the most safest investment , gold IRA accounts are the way forward.

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Gold ira

Gold investment.

Should I Transfer or Rollover my Retirement Plan?

Your first alternative is a “transfer.” This is something you can do at any time with your existing IRA, as long as the assets go from custodian to custodian. In a direct transfer, the money flows directly from one IRA custodian to another. This means the distribution check from the old IRA custodian must be made out in the name of the trustee or custodian of the new IRA account that receives the funds. Transfers may be made as often as you want. You can be assured that Regal Assets has organized thousands of these types of transfers for their customers. The second alternative is a “rollover.” A rollover occurs when “you” receive the distribution from your existing retirement account and then turn around and deposit it in another retirement plan custodial account. In this case you would need to re-deposit the funds into the new retirement plan account within 60 days. If the 60 day time period is exceeded, you would be liable for taxes and penalties on the money withdrawn. You may roll over the same money only once every 12 months to preserve the tax-deferred status of your retirement savings.

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Secure Your Retirement with a Precious Metals IRA Account

Having an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) allows people to have more control of their financial future and achieve their retirement goals with more confidence. Having a precious metals IRA will on the other hand ensure that the person who is investing for life after retirement does not have to rely on bank deposits, annuities, mutual funds and other traditional financial instruments that banks commonly use. With a precious metals individual retirement account, account holders diversify their retirement savings into precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Investing in physical precious metals gives more benefits that stocks or other bank deposits do not hold.

There is more security in tangible assets than paper-based investments.

Owning gold and silver can be very beneficial in times of extreme crisis. Precious metals have kept their value and thrived more than other currencies and financial contracts when there have been wars and instability. Having some of these metals in a financial portfolio before retirement will give the investor some cushion when adverse periods of inflation arise. Tangibility is always an edge considering the fact that most other pieces of investment are merely claims that are carefully drafted on a piece of paper to represent yet another physical investments or future revenue streams. The problem with that is in emergencies or crisis; it is hard to carry the land with you to safety. People also abandon houses and cars in some cases.

Gold ira

Just as a quick comparison, the average price of an ounce of gold in 1970 was worth $35. Fast forward to early 2016, the same ounce of gold will retail for more than $1600 in the global markets. In a little over 40 years, the price of gold is seen to have risen by about 4500%, an achievement that most other investments cannot achieve convincingly. The same trend can be seen for silver, palladium and platinum. Gold is specially considered to be a hedge commodity, as people will rush to buy gold when there are fears of some economic downturn or tensions in world peace.
Some investor attitudes that will help with successful running of a precious metals IRA
Investing in precious metals is best done with long term interests and that is why a precious metals IRA is a good idea. Precious metals contrast to stocks and other annuities that are generally meant to yield a return with a semi-annual or annual basis. A stock can give an attractive dividend payout but an investor can never be sure that the company will be in business 15 years from now. Buying the precious metals will ensure that the percentage rise over an estimate period of between 10 to 30 years will be rewarding enough to beat the inflation, service costs and other lost opportunity costs.
Ever thought about how much money should be committed to the precious metals IRA? 5 to 10 percent of a person’s net worth has always been considered as a “reasonable start”. The thinking behind the figure is that there will be inflation and other cost factors involved in running the IRA. To be certain, most investors start with the initial commitment and then keep on boosting the fund with new purchases of precious metals. Wise savers will boost their funds when they earn hefty payouts from other liquid investments or when they come across some career windfalls.
It is never too early to start saving for post-retirement. People can sign up for a precious metal IRA at any point of their journey to retirement. It all starts with having retirement goals and then placing steady investments over your lifetime. There are IRA opportunities available at highly competitive administrative fees and plenty of investment strategies that suit your retirement goals.

Gold ira

Gold ira rollover, gold bullion.

What Precious Metals Can Be Held in a Retirement Plan?

The United States government currently allows certain precious metals to be held in a retirement account. Here is the current list of acceptable precious metals for retirement accounts:


Gold ira
• American Eagle Gold coins
• Australian Gold Kangaroo/Nugget coins
• Gold Austrian Philharmonic
• Canadian Maple Leaf Gold coins
• Credit Suisse Gold – PAMP Suisse Gold Bars .999
• U.S. Buffalo Gold Uncirculated coins (No Proofs)
• Gold Bars and rounds as referenced below


Gold ira

• American Eagle Silver coins
• Silver Australian Kookaburra coins
• Austrian Philharmonic Silver coins
• Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins
• Mexican Libertad Silver coins
• Silver Bars and rounds as referenced below


Gold ira
• American Eagle Platinum coins
• Australian Platinum Koala coins
• Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins
• Isle of Man Noble Platinum coins
• Platinum Bars and rounds as referenced below


Gold ira
• Palladium Bars and rounds as referenced below

*Palladium Coins, including the Palladium American Eagle, that have undergone “certification” (also known as “slabbed” coins) are not acceptable in retirement plans at this time

*Bars and rounds produced by manufacturers accredited by Nymex/Comex, LME, LBMA, NYSE/Liffe/CBOT, and ISE-9000 or a national mint. The minimum finenesses for bars are:

Gold .995+
Silver. 999+
Platinum .9995+
Palladium .9995+

Gold, Silver and Platinum Proof coins undergo a specialized minting process that uses selected dies. Lustrous coin blanks are fed manually into the presses where they are struck multiple times to ensure softly frosted, detailed coin images raised above a mirror-like background. Mint inspectors review each coin before deeming it a proof and place it in a protective plastic case. Gold, Silver and Platinum Proof American Eagles come in satin-lined velvet presentation cases with official U.S. Mint Certificates of Authenticity.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Proof coins typically have a limited mintage and their prices are determined by multiple factors including: mintage, rarity, condition, age, the price of the particular precious metal, and demand. The USA (United States) government issues a limited number of proof coins each year and certain years have been known to sell out quickly. Due to their numismatic significance, Gold, Silver and Platinum proof coins typically carry a premium over their precious metal content, or bullion value. Their values, which do move up and down in markets, may not be as volatile as their bullion counterparts.

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Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion coins and bars can be thought of as common coins and bars. Their values are dependent upon and tied closely to the spot price of precious metals.

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